As your business grows in size, along with it grows your IT systems. With the need to expand comes also the heavy cost of investing in hardware, software, storage systems, network systems and other technologies.
Virtualization strikes in here, to migrate your existing architecture to a higher level yet driving down the overall IT cost simultaneously.

From virtualization of servers down to the desktops, Coresystems has the expertise to drive that needed change or upgrade in your business.
We can bring in scalability into the existing platform by delivering among others, Hosted Virtual Servers (HVS), Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD), Hosted Virtual Application (HVA), etc. These scales down the IT overhead, while contributing to the streamlining of the infrastructure management.

In effect, instead of running many such physical computers that are only partially used, we will come up with as many as needed virtual machines onto a few powerful hosts and balance the loads between them.
Virtualization Advantages:
- Streamline IT infrastructure and management
- Upgrade seamlessly
- Resiliency and redundancy
- Minimize total cost of infrastructure
- Virtual access to IT resources

As many technology-savvy clients are embracing this trend. We stand by, ready to be called in to transform and turn you virtual, as we move you into the cloud.