Remote Monitoring

As today's networks are quite complex in structure, that makes the system failure or breakdown inevitable. These are typically issues that can pause or completely halt a production system, and not every business will give such chances. The good news is that Coresystems has trained professionals that can remotely monitor clients network system detecting and resolving possible issues, problems or its symptoms, ever before they evolve to disrupt the business.

On completing the network and system inventory, Coresystems will adopt the clients network into her farm of remotely managed networks. A solution best implemented by small to medium size clients with no in-house IT support engineers.

With our remote monitoring system you can expect, but no limited to:

  • Regular system monitoring and swift response to issues
  • Remote security checks (against malicious intrusions, virus infections, worms, etc.), data back up and others
  • Vendor coordination (when the need be).

With all these and more in place Coresystems is ready to offer a solution that help streamline the clients IT operations by entrusting the IT service to us while focusing on their business.