Operations Support

At Coresystems we understand that every business values its time as well as cost and quality of operation support, that's why with our qualified professionals we can work with our clients to leverage both the identified and the unidentified requirements. We believe that we possess all the required engineering skills necessary to support leading and legacy technologies deployed over the clients network.

Coresystems is well positioned to provide capable experts in the following areas and beyond:

  • Systems configuration management
  • Database management
  • Systems monitoring
  • Enterprise wide OS & application upgrade
  • Servers/Workstations upgrade & migration
  • Systems consolidation
  • Inventory management solutions

Our modular approach allows us to tailor our support services precisely to the clients long-term as well as short-term needs. With this our clients can take advantage of as many or as few of our support services as required to keep their business in shape.


Staff Augmentation:

It can be difficult getting the effective resource or the right expertise to accomplish a project, especially the type that's outside your company's core speciality. The cost of training an existing staff to meet these needs often does not justify the cause, and can be prohibitive. To this end, we will augment your IT staff and free up internal resources - automatically lowering operating cost. At the same time, bringing in an increase in operating efficiency, as well as the overall output.
Depending on the specific client's need, onsite or offsite resources can be provided.