Managed Consultancy


Each client has a unique business model and different cultural process. With this in mind Coresystems will take an in depth look at the existing process and develop the best practical solution based on the status quo and in line with the clients future goals. Along with this, we will create an avenue with which to easily mitigate further challenges ahead with the right technological solution.

Under our managed and structured consultancy we will analyze the clients mix of process, technology and people and help our client design, implement and maintain operational model based on the industry standard. We will through this process propose a cost reduction plan which in the other hand improves the ROI (Return Of Investment). For instance one key decision we help our client make is deciding whether to go for outsourced IT services or have in-house IT service.

Coresystems will work closely with the clients management to establish and drive proper IT governance that brings in among others, improved resiliency and reliability of IT services.